Developer Resources

Relevant developer news such as the launch of new city APIs and app contests will be broadcast on the blog, mailing list, and Twitter. Occasionally we hold public conference calls to discuss issues with the API spec and to provide updates and feedback about implementations in different cities. These calls will be announced on the mailing list. The mailing list is generally the best place for communication.

Wiki Documentation

The wiki is the main place for documentation. The current Open311 GeoReport  v2 specification can be found there as well as other APIs.

Mailing List

The Open311 Discuss List is where almost everything happens. Please join the mailing list if you’re doing any work around Open311 or if you have any questions. The mailing list has mostly been used as a forum to help develop the spec, but it is used for general discussion as well.


There’s usually at least one person in #open311 on You can also use the web interface at


Relevant developer news will also be broadcast via the Open311 Twitter account.

Code Repositories

There is a wiki page for Open Source Open311 code. Some Open311 code libraries and other source code will be distributed with the Open311 account on Github. You can also find a variety of existing open source Open311 projects linked on the wiki that have their own code repositories and developer resources associated with them. Many of these are ready for implementation of the API. If you are interested in integrating the Open311 API into these existing applications, we encourage you to mention it on the mailing list to avoid duplicated effort.

Issue Tracking

The Open311 issue tracker at is primarily used to track the development and implementation of the  Open311 APIs. If a problem or a new feature is discussed on the mailing list, we make sure to ticket it here to ensure it gets addressed in a more organized manner. This is also the place to check-on and report issues with specific implementations of the API. If you find a problem with the Open311 API for a certain city, please help us ticket it on the tracker.