Highlights from the Open311 Ecosystem

Open311 first began with an API for Washington D.C.’s 311 system, but it really become a community when the leadership of San Francisco and the support of organizations like OpenPlans, Code for America, and even the White House brought many cities, companies, and organizations together into a productive collaboration. Now it’s a rich ecosystem of … Continued

The Launch of Open311 in Chicago

The following re-post was written by Daniel X. O’Neil of The Smart Chicago Collaborative. It captured all the awesomeness of the Open311 launch in Chicago so well that it deserved to be re-posted here. The original post can be found at http://www.smartchicagocollaborative.org/the-launch-of-open311-in-chicago/ This afternoon the Mayor’s Office released two new resources for the people of Chicago: Rolling … Continued

Tackling the long-term strategy of Open311

The following post was written by Andrew Nicklin of NYC DoITT, a long time member of the Open311 community. It’s a cross-post from the original at technickle.nicklin.info. The points Andrew raise about the challenges of scaling Open311 as an open platform are spot on and the whole post seemed important enough to re-post here. Andrew … Continued

An Open311 Wish List

The Open311 GeoReport v2 spec was finalized on 3-11-11. That date was historic instead for the heartbreaking Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. I think that disaster revealed a great deal of civic minded compassion and heroism in Japan so it all may be interrelated in the end. With dozens of cities now implementing the spec, Open311 … Continued

311 Pioneering Baltimore Continues to Lead with Open311

The new 311 Mobile App allows citizens to have real-time collaboration with their government. – Mayor Rawlings-Blake The City of Baltimore has a long history of leading the way with 311. In 1996 they were the first city to deploy the 311 short code and unified call center and in 1999 the city launched CitiStat … Continued

Ushahidi and the Open311 Ecosystem

David Eaves wrote a great post today highlighting the opportunity for Open311 integration with the Ushahidi platform. I ended up responding with a long comment and figured I’d post it here as well – particularly since we’re long overdue for an update and because I’ve covered many of the cities, vendors, and companies working on … Continued

The Open311 GeoReport v2 Spec Stabilizes

It’s been a while since there’s been an update here, but if you’ve watched the mailing list you’ve seen that work has continued to help ensure that the GeoReport v2 spec is clearly defined and stabilized. We’re almost ready to officially freeze the spec and many cities, companies, and developers have already been implementing the … Continued

Open311 GeoReport v2 Established & GeoReport v1 Goes Live

The Open311 specification and implementations have developed rapidly in recent months and several developers and service providers have already integrated the first version of the specification into their technology. San Francisco has also moved their API from just  being available for testing to being deployed as a live, in-production web service. A full list of … Continued

San Francisco Launches its Open311 API

Here’s the announcement from SFgov.org: We are pleased to announce the release of our Open311 API. The design is a result of a collaborative effort between cities, non-profits and developers. We look forward to seeing what you produce. You can request an API key from their website and read-up on the Open311 API spec and … Continued