The Summer of 311 Apps

Since the last update here on 311 technology, a number of new apps have been released from different cities and services. Here’s a quick rundown: SeeClickFix released an iPhone app to interface with their service. New York City released their first official mobile 311 app with the 311 Pix iPhone app. Pittsburg launched their first … Continued

NYC, Boston, and D.C. Make Strides to Improve 311 Services

Over the past week or so there have been significant advancements in the offerings of 311 services in New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.. At the first day of the Personal Democracy Forum on June 29th Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city’s 311 service would now have both a Skype and a Twitter account. So … Continued Launches

This website is meant to facilitate an international effort to build open interoperable systems that allow citizens to more directly interact with their cities. Many 311 systems provide a broad range of information and services, but currently the primary focus here is coordinating a standardized, open-access, read/write model for citizens to report non-emergency issues. The … Continued